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3 worst letters of the alphabet: ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
3 creative letters of the alphabet: ART
3 inspirational letters of the alphabet: DAN



And Help bring awareness of ALS to everyone.
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Dan and Gina's artwork
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In 2010, Dan Ellis, the owner of a successful printing company, was stricken with ALS and "locked in"-unable to move or speak-but still the same man within his mind and heart.
Dan turned to artistic expression and to his thirteen year old daughter Gina. Dan and Gina began painting and they found joy collaborating, Gina as his hands and an eye-gaze machine as Dan's voice.
An inspirational film that shows the truth of the disease but not the defeat; the strength of family; and the power of courage, hope, and ART.

3 honest letters of the alphabet: RAP

Iconic hip hop rapper MC Serch, Dan's neighbor and friend, heard that Dan was writing raps by blinking each letter of each word into his eye-gaze machine to express his thoughts and feelings.  MC took one of Dan's raps to the recording studio and wrote a record called "BLINK".
"Hip Hop is about the struggle; it's about overcoming the worst of your situations and becoming something better and bigger than yourself." ~ MC

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